Friday, April 2, 2010

Pagans, Wiccans and the Celebration of Easter

It seems lately I'm seeing so much bantered about on the web regarding Pagans and the Christian holiday of Easter.  I'm seeing negative things on the blogs and even Facebook regarding the "evil" Pagan holiday and rituals of the past.  This is the root of many misgivings that Christians have about Pagans, Wiccans and the practice of Witchcraft.  Even Catholics are being accused of practicing witchcraft or honoring Satan by even acknowledging the Easter holiday.

My least favorite blog post (on warned people about the practice of dying Easter eggs because it was a Pagan fertility ritual.  They went on to discuss how Pagans killed babies, then dipped the eggs in the babies blood and offered them up to Satan.  This, according to them, is the origin of the Easter egg.  While there may be historical truth to this, at least in the land of Babylon, it doesn't mean all Pagans worldwide were involved in this practice.  Remember, we didn't live then and we only have second hand accounts of practices during this time.  Since the Christians wanted to eliminate the Pagan religion, propaganda written by the church should be considered as such.

According to Christian traditions, however, the eggs are dyed red, not dipped in the blood of babies, to symbolize the blood Jesus shed when he was nailed to the cross.  The egg shell, once cracked, represents Jesus' resurrection from the dead.  The symbolism is that of life, not death.

If you're interested in reading about the symbolism of the Easter Egg or its origins, check out the following links:

Draw your own conclusions and celebrate the holiday as you choose.  Since none of us lived during the days of Babylon, I think we should take everything offered up from today's, as well as church, historians with a grain of salt.

As always, Blessed Be!

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